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Corporate Fraud Investigation Services

About Our Corporate Fraud Examiner and Fraud Specialists

UKFraud is known for its expert corporate fraud examiners, white color crime investigators, private investigators and cyber crime investigators with years of experience in setting fraud strtaegies, management disciplines, but equally in fraud prevention and deterrents, fraud screening and detection, fraud investigation, fraud prevention, fraud risk review, and systems and solutions. It is always better to set the proper management disciplines in place, have strong fraud strategies and measures instilled in the business than to deal with the problems retrospectively. Our fraud specialists are examine not just what went wrong, but help the wider rteam and business owners to make sure that things do not go wrong again; or help set a direction to massively reduce losses. They work in the private and public sectors; and within all sectors: i.e. within banks, insurance companies, retailers, telecoms, PSPs, acquirers, issuers and schemes, government sectors, NGOs, commercial enterprises and work both worldwide and in most parts of a business – especially where money or payments are involved. We don't just sort out the problems, we advise, educate, mentor, coach and roll-up our sleeves and help make decisions and get the work done.

corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

Why Fraud Specialists?

Internal frauds in business and companies can incur millions of losses and can happen anywhere in the world. If you see the news then you must be aware of many corporate frauds, white color crimes, cyber crimes, internal company frauds, commercial scams, financial crimes and many other economic crimes have been happening since decades. As we become advance because of the latest technology so the fraudsters are, they also find lots of new ideas to trick the enterprises and the people. And it is where the role of private fraud investigator or fraud specialsit starts. Our fraud specialists are known for their excellent advisory services and strategies for fraud risk review and fraud prevention in UK, Europe and other parts of the world.

corporate & business risk review and management consultancy

Why UKFraud for Fraud Specialist's Services?

Bill Trueman, CEO of UKFraud is a well known eminent fraud examiner with 20 years of experience in fraud examining, fraud investigating and fraud preventing in various commercial organizations worldwide. UKFraud is an independent fraud watch dog organization based in London, UK which provides its advisory and consultancy services to small, major and medium enterprises all over the world. UKFraud is excellent in providing private fraud investigation, fraud prevention and fraud management services worldwide.

If detected at earlier phase such frauds and fraud losses can be prevented. Apart from detecting frauds, a fraud examiner puts certain mechanisms in the management system so that they can be deterred in future and the organization can be fraud and scam proof.

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