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41. Is the US ATM Industry Making Too Big a Fuss About EMV?

40. EMV Debit Solution Meets Durbin Requirements, Maintains Flexibility

39. Riskskill Predicts That Government Cuts And Rapid Mobile Growth Will Drive Business Risks Throughout 2014

38. UKFraud's Fraud Predictions For 2014

37. UKFraud Calls For Defined Action In Response To National Fraud Authority's Demise

36. UKFraud Mobile Payment SIG Urges Greater Stakeholder Collaboration

35. UKFraud Seeks To Reduce Mobile Wallet Payment Risks

34. UKFraud Launches New Mobile Wallet Consultancy Practice

33. Defeating Insurance Fraud – The Opportunity Is So Close At Hand

32. "Who Polices The Fraud And Security Managers?" UKFraud SIG Identifies The Measures That Need To Be In Place.

31. UKFraud Calls For Pre-Emptive Data Management Collaboration To Combat Insurance Fraud and Money Laundering

30. Riskskill Warns That Mobile Payments Sector Could Face A 'Cocktail' Of Risks

29. Mobile Payments Sector Growth Could Bring Fresh Fraud Challenges Says New UKFraud Special Interest Group

28. Press Release: 2013 Corporate Risk Hotspots

27. Press Release: UK Fraud Trends in 2013

26. Strategies For Defeating The Cheats Within - Global Banking and Finance

25. How to Spot when your IT Security Manager's gone Bad - TheFireWall

24. Corporate Silo mentality is Increasing the Risk of Higher Fraud Levels - Global Banking and Finance

UKFraud SIG Claims That Corporate Silo Mentality Increases The Risk Of Higher Fraud Levels - Newsblaze, Realwire

22. Debunking Common Fraud misnomers -
CyberCrimesUnit, Realwire, Newsblaze, Sourcewire

21. Launch of Fraud Crisis Management Service -
IT News Online, Cybercrimes Unit, Insurance Technology, Insurance Today, Here4business

20. UK Fraud predictions for 2012 -
IT Director, Wachovia, Cybercrimes Unit

19. Anti-fraud Experts predict Fraud Surge in 2012 -
Community Innovation Professional Jeweller Newsblaze

18. Fraud Experts ask National Fraud Authority for more details on Fraud strategy for the UK -
Sourcescence and on Newsblaze

17. Patience increases Enterprise Fraud Risks in Asia -
Enterprise Innovation

16. Ten Early Warning Signs of Fraud in Organisations -
Wachovia Wells Fargo & Global Security Mag & Sys.con Media

Peer Review Survey Places Pressure On The National Fraud Authority To Deliver More - Sourcewire

14. Corruption & Scandal - should business leaders leave office -
Edge Online

13. British consultants chosen to advise on Sudanese fraud following North South partition -

12. British consultants chosen to advise on Sudanese fraud following North South partition -

11. Mobile phone payments fraud risks -
Mobile Guru

10. Fraud Survey - Mobile phone risks -
The Retail Bulletin

9. Ten Fraud Tips for CEOs -
The Times of India

8. Ten Fraud Tips for CEOs -
News Blaze

7. Ten Fraud Tips for CEOs -

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4. TSys Though Leadership Journal -
Preventing Fraud through Collaboration

3. Fighting
Insurance Claims Fraud

2. Strategic Risk -
The Fraud Defence (Registration required)

1. Kylie Minogue -
Mail Online

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Payment community organisation. Networking in the card and payments industry. www.vendorcom.com
The fraud organisation in the UK - CIFAS.org.uk
Supported by the people and technology of associate company, Haymarket Risk Management Ltd - www.hamarketco.com
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